Creations for all occasions....

It started a few years ago, we already had our handsome first born and then were awaiting the arrival of our second beautiful little guy! With birthday parties, school events, baptisms, baby showers and any other event you can think of that includes children, I wanted to save money on putting these gatherings together! An itch to save a few bucks soon turned into a passion to make every item a personal treasure to remember.

Starting a craft room inside a walk-in closet of our apartment was perfect for a new found hobby. Slowly we went from creating cute little favors for our sons festivities to creating beautiful gifts for our friends and family!

Then things started to get real....

A neighbor of ours at the time was a newly bride to be! She knew about my hobby and asked if I could put together some ideas for her wedding. With my mind racing I quickly agreed and got to work. The rest is history!


As a family we work together to make creations for any occasion. Selling on Etsy has given me time back with my family and a great opportunity to not only make clients happy but the chance to let my mind float into imagination land to bring clients visions to life!

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